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22 October 2010 @ 10:58 pm
I went to Malta a few weeks ago, for vacation but most of all to see my sister again! Hadn't seen her in 8 months.. She's on board of the Logos Hope, a ship that brings development aid and evangelizing all over the world. They have a really big bookstore on board as well, people sometimes wait hours in line to visit it O_o But that is mostly in the poorer countries..

Anyways, it was so great to see her again ;_; It didn't feel like I hadn't seen her for over 8 months, almost like if we had met just yesterday.. She only changed a bit, her hair got longer (she usually keeps it short) and she has more freckles xD We met a lot of her friends on board, which was great but a bit weird at the same time, cause they knew all about us and had seen pictures etc, but we didn't know that much about them xD; We where on board for two days, one days we helped her with her job to see what it was like (she's one of the cleaning staff, called the Angles:)), and let me tell you it's hard work! xD; We where tired after working from 8.30 till 15.00 but they started at 6.00 O_o Of course they don't clean all days, but yeah normal work has to be done too.. there's 400 people on board currently so you can imagine the amount of laundry and cleaning has to be done.

The ship:

Because I promised vede  that I would post a pic of myself xD Sorry for the small size lol.

Good news, I've found an au pair family!! I'm leaving on 13th of November to the east of London^^ It's about half an hour from the centrum. I'll join a (black) family with 3 kids, boys of 8,5 and 2^^ Sounds like it will be a challenge haha. But they looked so cute in the pics! <33 I've been really busy with making preperations for that and with work as well.. Though work ends this month, one day before my birthday! xD And then the day after, 1 November yukidama   will come visit me for a couple of days *__* Really looking forward to that:33

..That's enough for one post lol, I'll continue some other time so I won't bore you too much XD

Oh btw, I've made a twitter account! http://twitter.com/#!/tammy_unlimited and no, of course it's not because JYJ all made one, whatever gave you that idea?? :O
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15 September 2010 @ 11:06 am

Off to get a haircut and do some shopping!:) Ah how I love free days..

I kinda need your help on something, I'm trying to make a cover of JYJ"s W song, but there are some parts that are not there in the lyrics and I can't find out for the life of me what they're singing D: It's these parts: from 2:37 Jae's and Chun's sentence. Jae's sounds like 'I know' and Chun's like you're my ... ?? Also this part: 3:09, I've no clue what Junsu sings there.. Any help on this would be much appreciated!!
The song: http://www.box.net/shared/qrc8pgv3sp
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12 September 2010 @ 10:33 pm
Aish why do I keep doing this? >_< I have a lot to talk about but then don't feel like updating.. But yeah, I'm back! (again xD;) Thanks for everyone who commented on my last entry^^ The meetings and vacation where a lot of fun!!   
I'll post some pictures soon (or for those with facebook go here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1785553131&v=wall&story_fbid=101089213286491#!/profile.php?id=1785553131&v=photos) Well all the Phoenixes already will have seen most pics anyways xD; Though not from my vacation in Belgium I guess. 
Work has been keeping me really busy for the past time, at first I only had to work 2, maybe 3 days a week, but now it suddenly is 4.5/5.. The good thing is that I'm earning more money, the second that now I lack free time XD; Breaking Records is taking up a lot of time too.. I was counting all the project songs and collabs I have to do and I came up with 19 O_o That brings me to one of the best purchases I've ever made, my new microphone! It's so gorgeous and effing clear ;_; I love it a lot and it was definitely worth the money xD

I don't think I've told all of you this yet, but I'm applying for an au pair position in the UK for half a year! I want to leave in November so I hope I can get everything arranged before then.. But now there suddenly was a work placement available as well in the UK for half a year so I'm gonna apply for that too. Seeing how the last time worked out I don't have much confidence in getting it, but I might as well try xD

Meme thingie
Meme, cut for length~Collapse )
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22 July 2010 @ 11:26 pm

Hello my lovelies, I'm going to leave you all for 11 days.. I'm going to Belgium for a week, then I'm picked up by joongielove93  and leelath  to go to the Phoenix meet in Stuttgart! I"m soo looking forward to meeting everyone<33 After the meet ends on Sunday they'll drop me off in Maastricht where I'll meet jasminant! Such busy days but I think ít'll be loads of fun!:3 See you after 2 August!
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14 July 2010 @ 11:18 pm
OMGYES I PASSED MY RESIT! I'm so relieved I could weep;_; Okay maybe not but I'm so happy right now:D Even after all those stupid answers I gave I passed muhaha!
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11 July 2010 @ 11:15 pm
Noes we lost..T_T I'm still really proud of them though<3 There where a lot of opportunities but Spain used it and we didn't ;_;
Being second is really good but not at this moment..
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11 July 2010 @ 09:37 pm

Am watching the Spain-Netherlands final atm! But first halve wasn't that exciting.. I hope we'll play better in the 2nd half >_<
Yesterday was Chibicon, an anime convention in Houten, Utrecht. I went there with two friend, was a lot of fun! I sang karaoke for the 1st time, I was so nervous xDD There were only two DBSK songs so we decided to do Doushite:3 When we went to sign up there were two girls before us who wanted to do Love in the Ice, coincidence no? xD So we decided we should just sing both songs together! If you want to here our fail go watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoMUQPxYxzQ This was the better one, Doushite was just.. massive fail xD; I had been shouting and talking all day so my voice didn't want to cooperate during those high douuuushiteee parts rofl. I feel really proud of myself for only buying one manga (Gravitation vol. 4)! I was tempting by a Vaan figure to join my Balthier but decided against it.. I already ordered JYJ goods and am gonna buy the Junsu shirt after all too so I thought I should try not to spend too much there^^ The weather was really hot, but that was the only downside of the day.^^

I started my summer job Wednesday and it's been more fun then I expected! I mean, cleaning isn't one of my favourite jobs, but the elderly people are really nice. I haven't met any grumpy ones yet haha. Thursday was kinda weird in a good way. I went to a female client, and when I got there she said all I had to do was vacuum clean. So I was like O_o alright.. You really don't want me to do anything else? xD; SHe said it was because the weather was really hot and it was the first time there etc. And everything was pretty much spotless since she cleans a lot herself. So I left after about 1,5 hours when I was done vacuum cleaning and drinking tea and chatting with her. xD Easiest way to earn money ever lol, though I felt a bit bad about it..

Wish me luck tomorrow when I have to work from 9-16 in the heat! :/ I really hope it'll get colder soon!

*goes off to watch 2nd half of the game*
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12 June 2010 @ 11:39 pm

Hi everyone, just a quick call to see if anyone is interested in ordering stuff from here: http://teddy-jkpop.blogspot.com/ ! I'm ordering anyway but I thought it'd be nice to share shipping costs^^ Of course this is mostly useful for people living in the Netherlands or at least in Europe xD They're only accepting order till TOMORROW so please let me know quickly when you want to join!

Lol and I'll promise to make a proper update soon xD;
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27 May 2010 @ 07:49 pm

Whew almost the end of my unannounced hiatus! I'll be having an exam and a resit on Saturday, and two more exams next week.. I really really have to pass the resit or I'll be delayed for another half a year with my studies >_< I'm already delayed as it is, since I can only take my last exam in November (long story):( But I'll just see if I can find a job in the meantime. I had my last schoolday ever two weeks ago, we brought wine and some snacks and just chatted for a bit. Ah if only all classes could be like that. xD I do feel a bit sad that I won't be seeing my classmates anymore, I hope we can stay in touch.. But yeah that's probably going to be hard since they live all over the country. I guess that leaves mail contact then.^^

Monday evening I came back from Whitsun weekend, it was great!<3 It was actually two weekend combining into one lol. One was Opwekking, which I go to every year and the other was from the association I'm in (SIGN). Luckily the locations where about half an hour apart so I went back and forth between them XD Stayed at Opwekking on Friday and Saturday morning and went to the other location Saturday afternoon till Sunday evening and then went back again. It was a weekend with big highlights and downfalls though.. The highlight was that a friend of mine proposed to his girlfriend! I'm so happy for them:) They're only getting married in two years since she's only 17 (he's 23).. I know that's really young but if you see them together you know they were made for each other:3 The bad thing was that another couple broke up.. and not in a good way. It was really unexpected for the girl, since the guy has a really hard time expressing his feelings so it was a shock for her. Of course she noticed something was up but when she asked about it he just blamed it on other stuff. She was practically a wreck so we had to do a lot of comforting.. And that's one thing I'm really not good at xD; But I tried and I think it helped a bit..

Phew if you're still reading all this I congratulate you xD Long entry is long..

I'm going to try out for a band in our church this Sunday:3 And no, it's not a choir, just a normal band but with praise songs.^^ Wish me luck! I know some of the other girls trying out and they're quite good.. Speaking of singing, a few people on my f-list know I'm really into covers and karaoke atm, but most don't I think.. I joined an Asian karaoke forum a while ago and I love it there! There are so many nice people and I love doing covers of all those awesome songs:3 I also teamed up with the awesome yukidama to do covers of various songs (but mostly DBSK) Here's our cover of Colors, Melody & Harmony by JaeChun if anyone is interested!  I'm the one who starts singing first and the one with the lower voice xD Please tell me what you think about it^^

Ok, I'm off again to study! Wish me luck, I'll need it..

Ah I forgot, my Junsu single is on it's way!*_* Can't wait to get it!<33 There have been so many nice interviews and pics of him lately, I think I'm in heaven xDD I really love Intoxication, too smexy.. I also really like Big Bang's new song, it's kinda sad but so beautiful!<3

EDIT: whoops apparently I linked the wrong song xD; Here's the correct one: http://www.box.net/shared/bfbs7lg4bn

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30 April 2010 @ 10:04 am
Didn't get the tickets. But yeah with over a million applications chances were really really slim.. >_< It still sucks, I feel like it was my only chance to be able to see them. ;_; Let's pray they are doing concerts next year or maybe join A-nation! That would be awesome..

It's Queensday today! And it's raining really bad lol~ I'm going to Amsterdam with a friend, to the Vondelpark and to the Museumplein^^ Also I'm going to my old work placement, they're having a barbecue in the evening so we may pop in there xD

How do you like my new icon?:3 Smexy no? That Elle photoshoot was just.. slakfjlsdkfj too awesome xD
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